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Drawing on 70 years of experience in the industry and Sandrini Metalli’s know-how in metalworking, SANDcustom was conceived, a new service dedicated to the production of fully customisable architectural metal profiles.
SANDcustom is the evolution in façade cladding that allows each detail to be specified, to transform inspiration into matter and enhance the exceptional nature of each project.

With its unlimited stylistic potential, it allows you to customise substrates, finishes and shapes and can also be produced using all types of metal, even ones that are the most noble. Regardless of angles, material or thickness, profiles can be made to measure with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

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SANDcustom TYPE 1

Square shapes with constant or variable pitch


SANDcustom TYPE 2

Irregular or regular pointed shapes


SANDcustom TYPE 3

Irregular and alternate shapes


SANDcustom TYPE 4

Soft and sinuous shapes


Reasons why our service is better

With SANDcustom, you have full control of your project:

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Draw your shape

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Choose your material, finish and colour

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We design and achieve together

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Endless possibilities for unique façades


Diamonds is the first exclusive design from the SANDcustom service: coming from the expertise and the knowledge of our team, Diamonds is a unique metal sheet, whose facets create precious reflections that give dynamism and character to the cladding. The lines, marked and elegant at the same time, emphasize the building's shapes, restoring an atmosphere of bright refinement.

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Roots colori 2

Roots is the second profile of SANDcustom and is a tribute to those roots that give stability in everyone's life.

The strong and primordial design creates a powerful emotional impact to the façade cladding and reminds the rough edges of a cliff overlooking the horizon.


 The care of the craftsman, the spirit of industry

For 70 years, we have placed customer satisfaction at the forefront, considering every detail to deliver products that exceed expectations and make every project unique. Craftsmanship in quality is combined with a large warehouse, state-of-the-art technologies, and a team of over 140 professionals operating through four locations in Northern Italy to provide the best support and promptly address every need, both in Italy and abroad.

New Range

Diamonds unveils a new range of custom-made profiles: they will be revealed over time and are highlights of a special project, which unites and narrates different perspectives and viewpoints by means of a multifaceted approach.
Each one is a glimpse into a different vision – different notes that contribute to the creation of the same symphony and that are an expression of a single corporate culture, marked by rewarding talent in all its forms.

Roots is the continuation of this story.