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Roots bianco - 2

Roots is the second profile of SANDcustom service of Sandrini Metalli.

It is a tribute to Viola’s origin, a member of Sandrini Metalli team and creator of this profile, who takes inspiration from her memories during her childhood in San Pantaleo, the picturesque village in Sardinia where she was born, and her experiences lived at Lake Iseo, the place where she grew up. Roots is above all a tribute to those roots that give stability in everyone's life, anchoring without binding, being as a safe haven in the depths of memory.

The profile's shapes show the wind breeze, the rock roughness, the wave crests, they are the symbol of the connection between human being and nature, which the inevitable flowing of the time transforms without affecting its soul.

SAN PANTALEO - scritta_en
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A mansion overlooking the cobalt abyss, a gem emerging from the majestic embrace of nature.

Water and stone are the key elements at the base of Roots House project: it's a place where noise fades, nature erupts, and time hangs in favor of contemplation. The copper used evolves from its purest form to the oxidized one, the representation of the power of change and transformation. The rugged lines are softened by sudden flat elements, giving the cladding a dramatic and pronounced three-dimensional effect. Roots House resonates with an inevitable and eye-catching energy: light and matter are linked to a mystical atmosphere that drives the thought to immaterial heights.